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    Break through the self, unite the team—Sidelights on the outreach training of Adventure Villa


    At 8 o'clock in the morning of May 10th, more than 70 people from the management team and business team of Green Color Company, led by the company’s chairman Mr. Zeng Zhiping, took the bus to Panyu Adventure Mountain Resort outreach training camp for a one-day experience special training.

    The so-called "special training" actually refers to the training methods of special forces, through confrontation games, extreme tests and team assessment projects, to achieve the purpose of tempering the will and quality, and to cultivate people's spirit of sincere cooperation, courage to take responsibility, and willingness to suffer losses. However, due to well-known reasons, the difficulty coefficient of training camp projects is not the same as that of military camps, but individual projects can indeed test people's courage and perseverance.

          Take the project "Beyond Yourself" as an example. The iron rod is more than eight meters high, and it is swaying. It is required to climb up to stand on the springboard (the standing area of the springboard is only a little larger than the feet), and then jump forward with both hands and grasp the crossbar 1.5 meters away. Although the trainer has a protective rope attached to his body, the first time the person who did this project stood up, his feet would tremble. There was a female colleague who was nearly fifty and was fat and tall. She couldn't stand firm after she went up. She screamed while she was shaking, her face turned blue and her lips turned black when she came down. However, it was this project that made all the participants feel deeply. They all felt that they had broken through themselves and accomplished an "unbelievable" feat.

          The most worth mentioning is the last training project-collectively crossing the "graduation wall". On a 4.2-high vertical wooden wall, the instructor asked more than 70 people to complete the climb with bare hands within 15 minutes. During the process, except for the two captains, they were not allowed to speak, otherwise it would be regarded as a foul, and the punishment would be repeated. No sound is allowed to simulate a war environment. For example, when a unit breaks through an encirclement at night, it cannot make a sound when it climbs through an enemy blockade, otherwise it will expose the target. During the game, two female team members accidentally "offended the sky," causing the climb to fail twice. Finally, the teammates who had already climbed had to all come down and start again. It shows how important strict discipline is to a team. Fortunately, everyone was not discouraged by the two setbacks, and the third sprint succeeded in only 5 minutes and 27 seconds. When the instructor announced the result, everyone was so excited that they shouted and jumped, as if it was really the joy of the Red Army when it completed the 25,000-mile Long March feat. This game project tested everyone's will, exerted collective wisdom, increased the trust of teammates, boosted team morale, and greatly improved the cohesion of the Green Color Elite team.

          There are other training programs such as "Trusted Back Throw", "Bigfoot Eight", and "Selling a Booth", all of which are conducted around the themes of "trust", "cooperation", and "struggle", so the team members are enjoying the game training There are different degrees of gains and improvements in the process.

    Chairman Zeng Zhiping paid close attention to everyone’s “reporting performance” and concluded after the event: “Everyone’s performance today was beyond my expectations. I am also worried that some people will not meet the training requirements, but everyone’s high morale and The spirit of solidarity and cooperation has changed my views. I hope that everyone will sum up after returning and apply the things learned during the training to work. This is the purpose of our training activities. Thank you for your hard work.” The voice just fell. Everyone responded with warm applause. It was not only to thank the boss, but also to praise themselves. The hard work of the day was wiped out, and everyone was immersed in the joy of success. It is worth mentioning that when the instructor asked everyone to thank the team members who took the initiative to become the ladder in the "Graduation Wall" project, the corners of many people's eyes were wet, because the "spirit of the ladder" is too precious, and everyone serves these players. Moved silently, proud of having such a teammate...

          A short day of development training can bring everyone a deep experience and long-term thinking. This is exactly the result of this activity.